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Diamond Foxxx, porn star

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of wifey-type blogs.  Particularly housewife blogs.  For some reason, these fascinate me.

Take Alte over at Traditional Catholicism, for example.  Or Hestia at The Coming Night.  Or Lady Lydia at Home Living.

These are all housewives who blog about their desire to go back to the glorified olden days — back when all the men were alpha providers, and all the ladies were domestic goddesses.  Unfortunately, they also blog about wearing long, flowing skirts and being ultra feminine and demure.

Really, ladies?

If I were to start sporting prairie-type dresses and sewing wall pockets (whatever those are, really), my husband would leave me post-haste for Ms. Foxxx over there.

I want to serve and please my husband as much as you ladies do, but I’m not stupid.

So this is not a housewife blog.  Not just because I’m not a housewife, but because there’s more to life than that.  He doesn’t need a housewife, he needs a wife.

And that’s what I am.

6 thoughts on “not a housewife blog

  1. Oh, wifey. I had you pegged for a twenty something with no kids.
    Ha. You will soon find out what life’s all about once you have kids. Then you will need to be creative and sneaky in order to get a bit.

    ” Or you can just fuck, already.”


    Personally, don’t go for heels in bed (nor does hubby) Each to his own.. Besides, when you have a couple of kids lurking, there are some occasions where you may have to forgo the trimmings if you want a root. (Aussie slang for fuck)

    I am not averse to putting my young son in the shower for ten minutes whilst daughter is watching a movie then dragging hubby off to the bedroom for a quickie.. Hey sometimes that’s all we get time for.. It’s the quick or the dead around here.. 😀

    As for Alte she is no demure housewife… (Nor am I.. chuckles..) One can be submissive without being demure.. She has often talked about sex and how it is an integral part of her relationship.. You should read some of her older posts..

    She also has two kids like I do.

    I will say this , though wifey… for me sex has just gotten better and better over the years..(sans heels too!) with my husband..

    It’s all about what goes on up top (in a woman’s head ) that determines the outcome of what goes on down below..

  2. thanks for commenting!

    ah yes, kathy, kids make everything different. as for alte, she seems pretty chill and i hate to lump her in with people like lady lydia.

    i suppose the real point of this post is that i’m not a housewife, though virtually 100% of my work is from home.

    as for the what goes on up top and what goes down below…let’s just say i have a very male sex drive.

    that’s why i’m a porn star 😉 😉

  3. Kathy explains post-child sex well. 😉 I seldom discuss sex as my husband wouldn’t wish for such information to be lurking around on the internet/RL rumor mill about him/us. It’s not really something I’d want to share anyway; a certain some special would be lost in doing so. The same with specifics of our daughter’s life, my small business and a fair bit of other info about our lives. Enough of your personal life gets known and discussed while serving in a very small part of the Army as is. No need to fuel the fire.

    What is a wall pocket?

  4. Hestia —

    Fair enough, re: sex, personal lives, and army privacy. My husband and I are very open about our sex lives, but somewhat private about other things, so makes sense.

    Wall pockets…I don’t know what they are…I really don’t…but I’m also so curious.

  5. Hey gal!

    Just found your blog, and it’s fun. 🙂

    To speak to the kids issue, the only difference I have noticed since my 2 yr old came around is that we have to be sneakier for the quickies and the long time together lounging around takes *a lot* of planning — we have to find someone to care for our son for a number of hours.

    But, I would say that, otherwise the idea works. 🙂 I would say that while my husband is not interested in porn stars, he does love him some warrior princesses (Chani from Dune; Sarah Conner from Terminator; Princess Liea from Star Wars). This means that the more buff and tuff i am, and the more i wander around barefoot and show my bad-ass chops, the more he’s into me. LOL Which works well, because, in fact, that’s exactly how i roll.

    I don’t do the costumes, but i did go to the firing range with a friend of mine in a tank top and denim, and was shooting my little heart out. . .well, after that it goes into a porn thing i guess. LOL

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