putting on a good show

Here’s something I hear all the time — both in real life, and in movies, TV shows, and magazines: “We tried to film ourselves having sex, but then we watched it and…OMG…we looked awful.”

A lot of couples try filming themselves — you know, just to spice it up in the bedroom and feel like porn stars.  But then they make the mistake of watching it…and, unless they actually happen to be porn stars, it often looks like a disaster.  Legs are splayed, there are fat rolls where there shouldn’t be, and the rhythm is all off.  Ultimately, a mix of “being in the sexy haze of sex” and not being used to being on camera means that home-made sex videos usually look like crap.

But this doesn’t have to be the case!  Here are some tips that will help you look svelte and sexy on camera, or just in front of your spouse:

– Always, always arch your back!  Arching your back is probably the number one thing you can do to improve your sexiness.  This position puts both your boobs and your butt on display, and elongates your torso.  If you’re on your knees, arch your back.  Doggy-style, always arch your back.  The only time you don’t need to worry about arching is when you’re in missionary — but you can still do it, and it will still look better.

– Wear false lashes.  True story, false lashes make everyone look better on camera.  If you’re actually filming yourself, throw a few sultry, sexy glances at the camera.  Don’t stare it down, but definitely turn your head a few times and give the camera a knowing look.

– Wear heels.  Heels make your legs look better whether you’re standing up or on your back.  Remember to point your toes — girls often let their legs get lazy.  Keeping your toes pointed will help you keep your legs flexed and taut, which prevents you from getting sloppy.

– Beware of the missionary position.  Realistically speaking, what feels good in real life usually doesn’t look great on camera.  The missionary position looks especially bad on camera, unless you spice it up a little.  Arch your back, ALWAYS wrap your legs around him, and pull yourself into him.  The more real movement there is, the less you will look like two worms drowning in a puddle.

– When you’re on top, move your arms.  Play with yourself — your boobs, your hair, lean back and grab your ankles, whatever you want.  Remember — more movement is better.

– Put your fingers in your mouth.  As cheesy as this sounds, it looks great on camera and your guy will think it’s super hot.  This should be self-evident, but don’t just leave your fingers there — lick them, draw them out of your mouth, and trail them down your body.

– Switch positions often.  The camera likes movement, and gets bored easily.  You can go back and forth between a few different positions, as long as you’re constantly moving between them. Bonus: switching positions will help a guy who has premature ejaculation issues last longer.

– Be confident!  This is probably the biggest issue people have when they film themselves doin’ it: insecurity.  Lack of confidence — hiding your body, constantly looking at the camera, etc. translates to awful on camera.  Likewise, extra confidence — even if you’re not the hottest, sleekest thing around — will make you look so much better on camera that you won’t even notice any extra fat rolls.

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