how to wear a wig…in bed

ImageEverybody loves variety, especially in the bedroom.  That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and get plastic surgery, or even a haircut — just wear a wig to mix it up.

I know what you’re thinking…wigs are great and all, but it’s not exactly easy to get down and dirty when you’re wearing fake hair.  And your wig falling off in the middle of sex — not very sexy.

What you need:

– A couple of hair elastics

– 15 – 20 bobby pins — fewer if you have shorter hair, more if you have longer or thicker hair

A wig cap

– A sexy wig!

1. Put your hair in a low ponytail and then pin the ponytail flat against your head. The ponytail should be very low, so you won’t get an unsightly bump on the back of your wig.  Use as many pins as you like — make sure nothing is sticking out.

2. Pin your bangs/the front of your hair flat against your head.

3. Put the wig cap over your hair, starting from the front.

4. Put the wig on!  Start from the front (get it positioned at the right place on your forehead).  Try not to snag it on any of the bobby pins already in your hair.

5. Pin the wig in place.  I like to use two bobby pins on each side of the wig, and a couple “inside” the wig — just stick ’em through the wig cap.

Image6. Go girl-on-top or doggy style for this one.  You can do missionary, but be sure to keep your hair from getting caught under your back — your wig will start to come off,and that’s not super hot.  If your wig starts to come off, sexily run your hands through your hair and gently tug the wig back into place.  Your guy will be so hot and bothered to begin with that he won’t even notice you’re doing damage control.


– Wigs with bangs usually work best, because they hide the hairline area. If you must wear a wig without bangs, you may want to put a wide headscarf or wrap around it to disguise the hairline area.

– If you’re not going to spring for a high-quality natural-looking wig (usually $100+), it’s usually better to go for the punky, brightly-colored wigs — they are thicker and better quality than similarly-priced “natural” looking wigs.  I like this one.

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