outfit inspiration: white

My husband loves white slutty clothes.  Not because they’re slutty so much, but because they’re white.  (And if you’re wondering, yes, he did love my glittery, pearl- and rhinestone-embellished ballgown of a wedding dress.)

Adorable Bride Outfit, $82.95 | Dreamgirl White Jacquard Reversible Corset, $56.95 | 3 Piece Peasant Top Skirt Set, $32.95

White Bridal Corset and Skirt Set, $68.95 | Strapless Gown with Sequin Mesh Waterfall Skirt, $107.95 | Tube Dress With Large Chrome Sequins, $65.95

Sexy Chiffon Veil with Satin Headband, $14.01 | BodyZone Goddess of Resurrection Lace Tri-Top Set, $19.95 | Lace Top Thigh High Bridal Stockings, $8.95

Solid Pleated Skirt with Side Zippers, $26.95 | Tattoo Skirt, $21.95 | Hanky Panky ‘I Do’ Low-Rise Thong, $32

Aldo ‘Gutenberg’, $75 | Pleaser Thigh High Exotic Dancer Boots, $75.99 | Pleaser White 6-inch Ankle Strap Platform Stripper Shoes, $33.24

heels in bed

Guys love when you wear heels to bed.

Um, no, not to sleep in.

Guys love when you wear heels during sex.  And it doesn’t matter what type of heels they are, either — just about any will do, especially if it’s the first time.  Sure, you’ll eventually get to the point where you have a bunch of “bedroom” shoes, but for now you can start with those sexy 4-inch stilettos that you never wear out because they hurt your feet (though the studies say that wearing heels out will also help your sex life).

What’s that?  You have no sexy shoes?  Here are a few pairs to get you started:

Red OLSHAN Pumps, Aldo Shoes


You know what they say about red…makes a matador go “hell yeah.”  Pumps are usually a hit, but they can occasionally be a miss.  If they’re something you’d wear to the office (and not in a “sexy secretary” sort of way), then you should probably not wear them to bed.  Especially if they’re the pumps you wear to the office before you change when you get to your desk.

Betsey Johnson Neville II Leopard Peep-Toes, Endless.com


I love these leopard-print peep-toes.  They’re super sexy and feature a shiny, mirrored heel.  Plus, the tread is practically sneaker tread — just in case you ever do have the urge to wear them out.  If animal print’s not your style, try the romantic version of the Neville II in pale pink rose texture.  Peep-toes are a little sexier and more daring than pumps, but they’re still conservative enough for first-timers.

Pleaser Mid-Platform 6-inch Clear Heel, ODGirl.com


This is a great introductory stripper shoe.  Yeah, you know lucite heels are sexy — plus, they’re usually a more affordable option (ranging from $35 – $75).  Stripper heels generally come in 6-, 7-, and 8-inch heel heights, though I have seen 5- and 9-inch shoes (these are rare, though).  Don’t be too scared off by the heel height, though, because a) the platform makes it a bit easier to cope with and b) if you’re walking very far in these shoes, you’re doing it wrong.

Pleaser Black Women’s Seduce Patent Boots, Shoes.com


Over-the-knee (fake) patent leather boots?  What guy isn’t going to like these?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  I actually own these — they’re not terribly high-quality, but they’re good enough for sex.  OTK boots are not the only sexy type of boot out there, however–knee-high boots can also be hot.  Just stay away from flat boots, slouchy boots, and rain boots.

Sexy Platform Maribou Shoes, WildFree.com


These shoes make that old boudoir style (maribou) a little sexier with a clear plastic heel and platform.  These are a lot sexier than kitten heels, which really have no place in the bedroom (in my opinion).  The maribou trim can help take the hard edge off of the stripper shoe style, if that’s what you’re into.

Shoes not to wear:

UGGs, UGG Australia

$120 – $170

Under no circumstances is it okay to wear UGGs anywhere near the bedroom.  Honestly, you shouldn’t even wear them outside the bedroom, but I’m not going to judge.  Because they are ugly.  The name should give you a hint.

Steve Madden Zurick Open-Toe Ankle Boot, Endless.com


Ankle boots are generally best left to the runway and other high-fashion areas.  They’re not sexy — I hate to say it, but they just aren’t.  They’re fashionable, but that’s another story.  Especially if you’re not wearing pants (and you hopefully aren’t, in bed), they just cut your leg off at the wrong place and make your calves look fat and short.  A lot of women have issues with their bodies as it is, do you really want to knowingly make yourself look fatter and shorter?

Other shoes to avoid: motorcycle boots, sneakers, clogs, ballet flats, slippers, and Crocs.