wifey material

I followed a link from Paige’s blog to PMAFT’s blog, at which there’s an article lamenting the lack of women who are full of wifely goodness.  I’ll go ahead and say it right now — I agree with Paige, Sir PMAFT is being a bit of a drama queen.

That said, the article illustrates more than PMAFT’s melodramatic soul when it comes to the modern day woman.  It also illustrates just why the men of The Spearhead/MGTOW are never going to get what they want.  Because, you know, they have no idea what they want.

PMAFT says:

There’s a long list of issues that make women below marriage quality.  Some of these issues are as basic as lacking cooking knowledge.  A better way of putting that would be a lack of basic life skills knowledge.  Lots of women are varying degrees of being entitlement princesses.  Many women have assimilated feminist contempt and hate for men, and that includes conservative, and tradition church going women who insist they are “not feminists”.  Most women are completely unsuitable for motherhood.

Ah, yes, the epic list.  Lacking cooking knowledge!  Entitlement princesses!  Man haters!  Unsuitable mothers!

Look, I’m not saying that the modern-day woman is a domestic goddess who will settle for the first random dude who comes along and bask in his manly glory, because she isn’t.  That said, ragging on women’s cooking skills is just stupid, considering that anyone with half a brain can whip up a decent meal.  In fact, because most young adults live on their own for at least some period of time before settling down, they’re actually quite good at whipping up a decent meal (and on a budget, too).  As for the other chores, again, it gets did somehow.  And hey, here’s the good news: if she’s never lifted a finger to do laundry or cook, that means you’ve got yourself a sugar mama!

As for the rest of it — entitlement princessery, hatred for men, blah blah blah, this is a complaint I only hear from one type of guy.  Hint: it’s not the type of guy women want.  I’ll agree, though, it is unfortunate for some of the betas out there that they are now expected to bring it.

And just a note on women being unsuitable for motherhood — most people are completely unsuitable for parenthood until, oh HELL NO, nature throws them a baby or two.  Especially back in the day when people were more prone to popping out babies at 14 or 15?  I can say with a fair degree of accuracy that these kids were not models of epic parentdom.


Sexual behavior is a huge problem too.  Even among traditional church going women you’re still not going to find any virgin women (if we’re talking about a traditional Christian perspective of marriage quality women) outside of isolated and obscure communities and churches which you will never be able to access since you weren’t born into them.

If, and only if, you, as a man, are saving yourself for your future wife — in other words, you are a virgin yourself, then fine.  Find a sexy virginal girl and marry away.  But if you’re not a virgin, then not only can you not complain, but you should be seriously worried about a girl past her teenage years who is still a virgin.  Because, damn — she cold.

PMAFT words:

Except for men willing to go expat (and there’s a shrinking number of destinations available for this), very few men should get married.

Oh, right, because women who are willing to marry outside their culture/race/country are really going to be paragons of wifely femininity.  If she’s willing to deny her family, culture, country, and language for you, she wants your money.  If there’s one good thing we can say about American women, it’s that they’re less — not to be confused with “not” — mercenary than other women.

Ultimately, this is what I see guys complaining about — and honestly, that’s only on the internet…the guys I know in real life are chillaxin’, getting laid, and generally fine with the world — the lack of women who are willing to be paragons of domestic wifeyness for one thing in return: ca$h.  These guys complain that they are guys with stable, well-paying jobs and so…they should have some girl doting on them when they get home.

Seriously, that’s it.  When you ask what they have to bring to the table, they can’t come up with anything except some excuse of, “Back in the 1950’s I would’ve had a wife who would have loved my financial stability.”

Obsidian said it well over at Alte’s blog:

I love the idea of being able to appeal to a Woman on the basis of me alone; that she has chosen me, not because I’m a meal ticket or because she couldn’t do any better, but because I was able to effectively make my case as a Man and in having strong seduction skills. I don’t need money, education or “status”; I only need these. All of the Women I’ve dealt with had more formal education than myself, and in many cases outearned me; they all could have chosen to marry that Big Law, doctor or MBA type and live a sedate life out in the burbs but didn’t, and chose me instead. When I asked them why, they all told me the same thing – because said guys were “boring” – in other words, they lacked GAME.

Excellently put.

can’t have it both ways

Inspired by Alte’s post: A woman is a finite resource.

Alte makes a good point — in certain unnamed parts of the web, I see a lot of guys complaining that they can’t have the perfect, gorgeous, sexual, submissive, domestic, religious, virginal wife who cooks, cleans, pops out children, is skilled in all areas of sex, and who manages to have an extracurricular activity that’s both feminine and profitable.  In fact, in some parts of the web I even see guys who want a complete paradox in a woman, such as a demure, virginal girl who also looks exactly like a porn star.  Yeah — never going to happen.

I am many things that a man wants, physically.  I’m tall, I’m athletic, I’m extremely well-proportioned, and I have long hair, smooth skin, and just enough muscle tone.  I’m also sexually submissive and insatiable, I love prancing around in heels and short skirts, and I’m generally fun to be around, optimistic, and easy-going.  I’m intelligent and logical, I don’t care about money, and I hate talking about “us.”  Also, I know how to hack an Xbox Kinect, beat the house at blackjack, and kill a deer, all in heels (except for that last one), of course.  Plus, I like kids and animals and I make awesome home-made chili!  Yeah, I’m pretty good wifey material.

Actually, I’m not.  I’m cocky — hey, you don’t walk around looking like I do without knowing it — and I love attention, especially male attention.  I’m fun to be around, but I’m also loathe to be serious — in any context.  I’m intelligent and logical, but I also lack that sexy mystery of the emotionally-driven female.  I hate talking about “us,” and I mean I really hate talking about “us.”  Getting me to discuss relationship issues is like pulling teeth.  I don’t care about money to the point where if you’re making a lot, you’re setting the stage for a big turn-off.  I can do all of those fun boy things such as hacking, gambling, and shooting big game, but I can’t do any of the girl things such as…getting a tan, or shopping, or getting my nails done.  I do like kids and animals, and I do make awesome food, but I also don’t do laundry until I’ve been going commando for a few days, and I eat food out of the pan in order to avoid having to do more dishes.

Now some of these things may sound pretty cool to some guys — such as the fact that I don’t like to shop or get my nails done — but reality is this: even to the guys who say they don’t want a girl who shops all the time, a girl who hates shopping sets off red flags.  And a girl who really hates when guys have a lot of money?  Well that means you’re going to have to bring something — something big, that’s not money or status — to the relationship.

No, it’s not ideal at all, is it?  But you can’t have it both ways.