not a housewife blog

Diamond Foxxx, porn star

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of wifey-type blogs.  Particularly housewife blogs.  For some reason, these fascinate me.

Take Alte over at Traditional Catholicism, for example.  Or Hestia at The Coming Night.  Or Lady Lydia at Home Living.

These are all housewives who blog about their desire to go back to the glorified olden days — back when all the men were alpha providers, and all the ladies were domestic goddesses.  Unfortunately, they also blog about wearing long, flowing skirts and being ultra feminine and demure.

Really, ladies?

If I were to start sporting prairie-type dresses and sewing wall pockets (whatever those are, really), my husband would leave me post-haste for Ms. Foxxx over there.

I want to serve and please my husband as much as you ladies do, but I’m not stupid.

So this is not a housewife blog.  Not just because I’m not a housewife, but because there’s more to life than that.  He doesn’t need a housewife, he needs a wife.

And that’s what I am.