porn star makeup 101: running mascara

Her makeup is messed up, but she's still hot.

If you watch enough deep throat porn, you’ll notice that a lot of the girls end up with mascara dripping down their faces.  Guys who like gagging usually like tears — the good kind, of course.  However, if you wear contacts (like yours truly), it’s hard to let the tears run free without a little pain — mascara in your eye can halt the sexy pretty fast.  For both of you, that is — he’s not going to want to continue if you’re cringing and trying to blink eye makeup out of your cornea.

So here’s a tip for girls with sensitive eyes — wear two coats of waterproof mascara and a third very light coat of regular mascara on your bottom lashes only.  This way, when you start tearing up, you’ll still get a sexy porn star running mascara look — without all the pain and cringing.


Another photo, courtesy of Lubrax.