Wifey FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a hotwife/cuckold blog?

No.  There are absolutely no overarching hotwife/cuckold themes on this blog.

Why is it called “theslutwife.wordpress.com”?

Because “thegoodwife.wordpress.com” was taken.  Besides, we slutty-only-for-our-husbands wives need to reclaim slutwife from cuckold fetishists, just like curvy girls need to reclaim “curvaceous” from fat chicks.

What type of relationship do you have with your husband?

We’re in a boring, traditional, monogamous relationship.

How long have you been together?  How often do you have sex?

We’ve been together for almost four years, so we’re still the early stages.  When we’re busy/tired/sick, we usually have sex once or twice a day.  When we’re bored/awake/healthy, we usually have sex four or five times a day.  If we ever miss a day (occasionally happens), we make up for it by having sex 15 times the next day and completely exhausting ourselves (for at least six hours).

What do you look like?

I don’t like to brag (wait…yes I do), but I’m objectively attractive.  I have dark hair and dark eyes, and my measurements are as follows: 34DD – 26 – 38.  Yes, I am a little top- and bottom-heavy.

What does your husband look like?

He’s a pretty good-looking guy, though I may be a bit biased.  He has dark hair and dark eyes, and he’s 6′ tall and weighs about 190 lbs.